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: Mott, Brenda ,
Barrett, Linda


: Romance


: OTHER011


: 073355964


: Harlequin

Total Pages

: 296

Reluctant Housemates & The Chosen Child

Reluctant Housemates

Rachel Goodman never thought she'd return to Pilgrim Cove.But she's no longer an awkward, defenseless kid, so when the one person who'd been kind to her needs her, she gets ready to face the past.

What she's not ready for is the challenge of working with Jack Levine. The man doesn't follow rules or take advice. Which makes being his boss very difficult. And being his housemate downright impossible.Until the stormy night Jack and his boat go missing, and Rachel realizes how much she needs him.

The Chosen Child

While Nikki's sister survived a horrible hit-and-run accident on a secluded mountain highway, the baby she was carrying for Nikki and her husband wasn't so lucky. Devastated, Nikki and Cody struggle to get past the loss of their last chance to have a child and save their strained marriage.

If only Cody wasn't with the Deer Creek Police Department.If only he could give up his all-consuming vendetta to find the drunk responsible - and make him pay.

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