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Mehdi: Nothing is Impossible

Within the pages of this book is a fascinating and inspiring account of how an Iranian, who originally came to the United States as a student, became a millionaire in selling. His story sparkles with fresh ideas, wit, and humour,and can be applied in a most practical way...to your life and career.

You will learn how five basic principle can bring you to the very peak of your potential for success. By living these five principles on a day-by-day basis, Mehdi Fakharzadeh (pronounced Fakha-za-deh) skyrocketed to the zeninth of the life insurance sales world, againts the most for-midable of all odds. Youll learn how Mehdis simple success formula can so easily be adapted to your life and work, and how your attitude alone can turn your life around.

Youll soon find out that there are dozens of ways to apply the five principles (one of which is learning to derive more permanent value from failure than from success) but first you must get acquainted with the man, and his incredible story.

Whatever shape, form or idea Mehdis power assume, his fundamental message rings loud and unmistakably clear throughout Nothing is Impossible. 

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