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: Kraus, Nicola ,
McLaughlin, Emma


: Chic Lit


: KN000002


: 9781416556824


: Washington Square Press

Total Pages

: 372


Kate Hollis's ex-boyfriend's face plasters newsstands and TV, the Internet and the multiplex, Jake Sharpe is one of the biggest recording stars on the planet, and every song he's famous for is about Kate. For over a decade his soundtrack has chased her-from the gym to the supermarket, from the dentist's office to the bars. Now thirty-year-old Kate gets the call that Jake has finally landed back in their hometown for an MTV special. The moment she has been waiting for-the chance to confront him and reclaim her past-has arrived. But she might just discover that the past she idealized was not as wonderful and romantic as she thought. 

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