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: Alexandra, Belinda


: Romance,
Chic Lit


: ALB00001


: 9780732281359


: Harper Collins

Total Pages

: 510

Wild Lavender

Once, though, she was an ordinary girl from the lavendar fields of provence. Working as a maid at her aunt's Marseilles boarding house, Simone's future looks bleak. But one of her aunt's guests, the beautiful Camille Casal - a star of the local music hall - gives Simone a dream: one day she too will be a famous singer and dancer.

Years later, Simone, now living her dream of fame, watches Nazi troops march down the beautiful boulevards of Paris. Her world is turned upside down. How can she stop her life being ripped apart by the brutal realities of war? Only by making a decision that will lead her into great danger, while leading others to safety - and which will show her that love, like wild lavendar, can grow in the least likely of places. 

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