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: Bates, Vanessa


: Humor,


: BAV00001


: 9781921208935294


: Pier 9

Total Pages

: 294

Legs Up & Laughing

Where do babies come from? Well, when a man loves a woman, they kiss and then.. But things aren’t always so straightforward, as Vanessa Bates and her husband found out.

With nature refusing to come to the party, despite the deafining tick of her biological clock, she had plenty of time to think about motherhood and precisely what it means.

In the memoir, by turns laugh-out-loud funny and beautifully moving, Vanessa reflects on family relationships and takes us on the rollercoaster ride of trying to became a mother herself. Along the way there are rampant costumed sheep, a pagan weeding party and the rice-pudding smell of a loved one’s head. There are tears of sadness and joy, and always there in love. 

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