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: Clark, Mary Higgins


: Romance,
Mystery, Thriller & Crime


: CMH00006


: 9780743484282


: Pocket Books

Total Pages

: 356


Politics can be murder…

Pat Trymore, a brilliant investigative reporter, is drawn to Washington to discover the truth about enigmatic and ambitious Senator Abigail Jennings. The Senator is tipped to be the first female Vice-President, and her reputation intrigues Pat – but she also has an ulterior motive for coming to the city.

Years earlier, as a child, Pat was present during the violent deaths of her parents. Left damages, both mentally and physically, she is seeking solace by returning to the house in which the events took place. However, somebody has learned of her plans – and is hellbent on stopping her. As the storm, gathes, Pat begins to suspect everyone around her – even handsome Cogressman Samuel Kingsley, with whom she is madly in love. But who would want the hurt her? And how are these new events connected to the deaths of her mother and father

As pat battles to discover more about her past and her present, she realizes the two are entwined more deeply than she had first thought. And as light is thrown on both, secrets long buried come rushing to the surface… 

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