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: Brown, Benita


: Chic Lit


: BWN00001


: 9780755301645


: Headline

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: 344

In Love And Friendship

Newcastle, 1890. A school outing to Cullercoats Bay almost ends in tragedy when two girls are cut off by the incoming tide. But from the panic and confusion something wonderful emerges - a lifelong friendship between three girls; Ruth, Lucy and Esther. Each is a world apart from the other two, but together they form a strong and unbreakable bond that will see them through the years ahead, when the happy, carefree days of childhood are nothing but a distant memory.

Intelligent and ambitious, Ruth longs to go to college but, forced by her jealous stepmother to abandon her plan, her dreams has never seemed less attainable.

Lucy comes from a loving and happy home, but her cosy world collapses when her father dies and she and her mother face destitution and a terrible secret from the past.

Esther spends her days protecting her little brother Davy from their violent and drunken father, but when her mother finally lashes out and then leaves the family home in terror, it's clear that she and Davy must flee if they are to survive. But where? 

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