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: Pearse, Lesley


: Chic Lit,


: PL000001


: 9780141006475


: Penguin Books

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: 410

Father Unknown

Daisy Buchanan - sweet-natured but clueless - is happy enough, but doesn't seem to know what she wants from life. She takes her policeman boyfriend Joel for granted and drifts from one badly paid job to another.

But when she is twenty-five, Daisy's beloved adoptive mother dies and leaves behind a scrapbook of memories, giving Daisy long-hidden information about who she is and where she came from. Her real mother was a teenager called Ellen, a farmer's daughter from Cornwall, and Daisy sets out to find out more and track her down. But in unravelling the past is she risking her future - with her adored dad, John, and with Joel?

As the layers of her family history are stripped away, Daisy is horrified by what she learns. She is taken on a journey back to the past, a journey that uncovers a gripping story of innocence corrupted, and a family torn apart by greed and misery. 

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