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: Holden, Wendy


: Chic Lit


: HW000003


: 9780747266150


: Headline Review

Total Pages

: 503

Fame Fatale

Ruthless hack Belinda wants a rich and famous man. Her problem is her job interviewing Z-list celebs for a tabloids Tea Break slot means zero opportunity for megastar-bagging.

Unassuming Grace just wants a quiet life. Her problems include an egomaniac boyfriend, a matchmaking mother and a publishing job with the authors from hell.

Scheming Belinda finally finds fame, while Grace has it thrust upon her in the shape of a handsome film star. But life among the A-list is anything but easy. Amid unbridled lust, unlimited excess and unbelievable egos, the girls lives spectacularly collide. And then the real problems begin. 

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