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: Smiley, Jane


: Chic Lit,


: SMJ00001


: 9780571218554


: Faber and Faber

Total Pages

: 465

Good Faith

Joe Stratford, who sells nice houses in a beautiful place, and whose not very amicable divorce is over, is ready for his life to begin again. It is 1982 and temptation is everywhere. And, as Marcus Burns (Joe's new friend from New York) says, the old rules are ready to be broken. Marcus should know; he's just quit his job at the IRS. But are his ideas about to get rich - really rich - too big and risky for Joe? And what about the real-estate development at Salt Key Farm; why is the local Savings and Loan so eager to lend Marcus and Joe the money for its asking price? And there's Felicity - the daughter of Joe's business partner - who has finally confessed how fond she is of Joe. But is this winning, free-spirited (already married) woman really the one he's been waiting for? 

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