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: Frank, Robert H.


: Living,
Business & Finance


: ECON0026


: 9780753513385


: Virgin

Total Pages

: 217

The Economic Naturalist

Discover the secrets behind many everyday enigmas

Why do brown eggs cost more than white ones?

Why is there a light in your fridge but not in your freezer?

Why did Kamikaze pilots wear helmets?

The answer is simple: economics:

Economics doesn't just happen in classrooms or banks. It is everywhere and influences everything we do and see, from the cinema screen to the streets. In can even explain some of life's most intriguing enigmas.

For years, economist Robert Frank has been encouraging his students to use economics to explain the strange situations they encounter in everyday life, from peculiar product design to the vagaries of sex appeal. Now he shares the most intriguing questions and the economic principles that answer them to reveal why many of the most puzzling parts of everyday life actually make perfect (economic) sense.

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