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: Evanovich, Janet


: Romance,
Mystery, Thriller & Crime


: JE000005


: 9780140252927


: Penguin Books

Total Pages

: 290

One For The Money (Stephanie Plum #1)

Stephanie Plum is down on her luck. Shes lost her job, her cars on the brink of repossession, and her apartment is fast becoming furniture-free.

Enter Cousin Vinnie, a low-life who runs a bail-bound company. If Stephanie can bring in vice cop turned outlaw Joe Morelli, she stands to pick up $10 000. But tracking down a cop wanted for murder isn't easy.

And when Benito Ramirez, a prize-fighter with more menace than mentality, wants to be her friend Stephanie knows what its like to be pursued. Unfortunately the best person to protect her just happens to be on the run... 

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