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: Williams, Adam


: Living,


: ADW00001


: 0340827882


: Flame

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: 704

The Palace of Heavenly Pleasure

China 1899,A weakened Dynasty watches helplessly as western powers encroach on its land. But driven by drought and hungers, a secret society is preaching rebellion.

Unaware of the forces broiling around her, a young English girl arrives in the cityof Shishan. Life is picnics and tiger hunts for the foreigners, but for Helen Frances there are other, more dangerous delight.

For the Boxers are massing secretly in the forest and hills.Soon Helen Frances and the other westerners will find themselves in enormous peril.

And at the end of the road, the palace of Heavenly Pleasure beckons: a brothel overlooking an execution ground, its second rooms offer safety - at a price few would be prepared to pay... 

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