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: Anderson, Jessica ,
Hambright, Jan


: Romance


: OTHER329


: 9780733584916


: Harlequin

Total Pages

: 248

Doctor's Orders & Around-The-Clock Protector

Doctor's Orders

Sexy doctor with attitude - and her best protection

Dr Parker Radcliff thought his days making love to Mandy Sparks ended long ago...until she walked into his Boston ER, uncovered a medical conspiracy and became a hot target.

Now being Mandy's personal bodyguard became his primary focus. Risking his life against a madman was dangerous but necessary if he wanted to keep Mandy safe. And Parker always got what he wanted - even against a killer.

Around-The-Clock Protector

It was a 24/7 job

Carson Nash never anticipated the agent he had to rescue would be Ava Ross, a woman with whom he'd shared one forbidden night.

But learning she was pregnant with his child made this job a whole lot more personal. Now, helping Ava unlock the past was Carson's only chance of reclaiming what was his 

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