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: Forbes, Colin


: Action & Adventure,
Mystery, Thriller & Crime


: COF00001


: 9780330436694


: Pan Books

Total Pages

: 794

Sinister Tide & The stone Leopard

Sinister Tide

The wave of the future confronts Tweed-carrying death for a hundred million people. With Paula grey nand Bob Newman, Tweed tracks the creator of the supreme weapon, Dr Goslar, identity unknown-man or woman?

The trail leads from the coast north of Dartmoor to London, two mysterious women appear-Serena Cavendish, then Trudy Warner, just arrived from the US. Can Tweed trust either? Captain Alan Burgoyne, Gulf War veteran, joins Tweeds team. The Yellow Man surfaces-the most savage assassin Tweed has ever encountered.

The pursuit of Goslar moves to Paris. Tweed has many enemies-the French security services, a non-existant American unit,the rival British Special Branch-all determined to seize the weapon. From Paris, Tweed always under treat, races to Geneva, on to Annecy.

Goslars base is still unknown. He is close to delivering the weapon to the Wests most fanatical opponent. Is Tweed too late? A crescendo climax explodes in remote snowbound mountains.

The stone Leopard

USA is Shackville...This barbaric American civilisation...

So speaks the French President two weeks before leaving for a Moscow summit meeting. Is some world-shaking conspiracy planned during his absence.

Marc Grelle, Prefect of the Paris police, uncovers plans by hard-line saboteurs for a coup. Plunged into a maze of intrigue, he detects a link between the wartime resistance hero, The Leopard, and the plot.

History believes The Leopard is dead. Could he still be alive, his identity unknown? Could he be masterminding the conspiracy?

Marc Grelle pursues the idea that one of four cabinet ministers could be this invisible plotter. Working with the help of British and German agents, pursued by professional assassins, Grelle fights to unmasks the enemy before it is too late.  

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