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: Gates, Bill


: Historical,
Computer & Technology,
Business & Finance


: FINAN007


: 0446675962


: Warner Books

Total Pages

: 415

Business @ the Speed of Thought

His vision changed our world. But in this monumental work Bill Gates argues that the capabilities of computers, software, and network are only beginning to be harnessed-and that your company must start building a modern, digital nervous system now in order to compete quickly and intuitively in the new millennium.

In BUSINESS @ THE SPEED OF THOUGHT, Gates explains how to turn your hardware and software into a powerful, evolving network of information. Looking at the digital systems in palce at Microsoft and other leading corporations, Gates shows how your company can

  • Convert every paper process to a digital process-and end information bottlenecks
  • Use networks to create fast-reacting virtual teams to work together among traditional departments
  • Decrease cycle time by using digital transactions with suppliers and partners to get products out before the competition
  • Knock down the walls of your company and electronically build new business relationships and new markets

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