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: Goode, Caroline


: Young Adult




: 0689872283


: Simon Pulse

Total Pages

: 273

Romantic Comedy Series: Cupidity

Dating in high school is like reality TV. It can get pretty surreal.
Between the strict social ladder (geeks lockers left, jocks to the right), and silly, pointless rules (no hand-holding, no kissing, no breathing!), high school is the single worst place to find a boyfriend. And Laura Sweeney is no exception. She hasnt had a date since ... well, ever.
Desperate times call for desperate measures. So Laura is calling in the big guns. She needs guidance. A proven "get the guy" strategy. Luckily she knows exactly the expert to call. Hes a matchmaking mastermind who actually has the bow and arrow to prove it. Lets just call him ... Cupid.

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