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: Orman, Suze


: Business & Finance,


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: FINAN022


: Riverhead Books

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The Money Book For The Young Fabulous & Broke

Are You Broke?


  • Broke is paying your rent with a cash advance from your credit card
  • Broke is getting physically ill when you calculate how long it will take to pay off your students loans
  • Broke is treating credit card bills like kryptonite - you don't open them because you're afraid they will destroy you

You need advice that deals with reality. A set of solutions for the problem you have. You need to be told what to tackle first - and Suze is just the one to tell you. She knows that yo've been too busy or uninspired to figure out how a Roth IRA works, what a FICO score is, and why you should even care. Not a problem. Every section of this book was written so that you can quickly and easily comprehend exactly what action you need to take - and why.

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