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: Liu, Marjorie M.


: Romance,


: OTHER443


: 9780062019875


: Avon

Total Pages

: 374

The Last Twilight (Dirk & Steele #7)

Duty called Dr. Rikki Kinn to the Congo. One of the world's top virus hunters working for the CDC, she is on a mission to investigate a deadly new plague. But there are those determined to stop her-at any price.

Shape-shifter Amiri was born in this land of untamed splendor. Here he woke with the sun and raced as the cheetah . . . until he was kidnapped and subjected to terrible experiments by the evil Consortium. Now his colleagues and brothers in Dirk & Steele want him to return to Africa to face his nightmares. For a good woman has been targeted for death-a beautiful healer who holds the fate of millions in her hands, whose destiny is intertwined with his-and whose need leaves Amiri vulnerable, threatening his heart, his passion . . . and his soul. 

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