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: Batrae, Margot


: Children,
Young Adult


: SABR0025


: 067102924X


: Pocket Books

Total Pages

: 130

While The Cat's Away (Sabrina the Teenage Witch #25)

Natural Disaster!

When an inter-realm hurricane traps Drell on the wrong side of the linen closet, his powers are temporarily on the blitz. While he waits for them to return, Sabrina covers for him in exchange for a Heart's Disaster chip. But when Salem swallows it and morphs into a human form, it's hello teenage boy!

Now Sabrina must hide Salem until she figures out how to return him to his feline form. She takes him to the only place a teenage boy can go unnoticed--high school. But the failed despot in Salem soon takes over the school.

Sabrina can't stand Salem like this. But can she turn him back before the inter-realm hurricane clears and Drell returns to the Other Realm? 

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