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: Solin, Daniel R.


: Business & Finance






: Perigee

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The Smartest Investment Book You'll Ever Read

If your main concern is getting the most out of your money without sacrificing financial security. Dan Solin tells you how the smart money-more than $4 trillion of pension and institutional funds-invests. And he gives you a stress-free way to take control of your finances and end up in the top 5 percent of all professionally managed money.


Solin cuts through the financial propaganda to provide a clear, simple, easy-to-follow road map that will show you exactly how your assets should be invested, using large, trusted, brandname fund managers. He explains how to assess risk and allocate assets so that your portfolio is tailored precisely for you.

Most important, Solin's four step plan will give you a portfolio that consistently outperforms the professionals-without the fees and without the worry.

You can avoid the biggest mistake most investors make.

  • Falling for dumb money solutions that give you hard-earned cash over to hyperactive brokers and investment advisors
  • Buying into the hype that stock picking and market timing are anything but a fools errand
  • Giving too much credence to the media and self-styled gurus who peddle financial pornography

Best of all, the vast majority of investors can implement Solin's plan in ninety minutes or less per year, without any broker or advisor.

You will never need another investment book or any other investment advice. This really is the smartest investment book you'll ever read.

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