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: Martin, Ann M.


: Children,
Young Adult


: BSC00018


: 0590605348



Total Pages

: 145

Stacey's Mistake (The Baby-Sitters Club #18)

Stacey's so excited! Shes invited her friends from the Baby-sitters Club down to New York City for a long weekend. Its going to be perfect-a part and a sleepover Friday night, a big baby-sitting job on Saturday, and lots of sightseeing on Sunday.

But what a mistake! The Baby-sitters Club are way out of place in the big city. Mary Anne sounds like a walking guide book, Dawns afraid of everything, Kirsty cant keep her mouth shut, and Claudias jealous of Staceys friends.

Does this mean Stacey cant be the Baby-sitter friend anymore? Will the Baby-sitters Club fall apart? 

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