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: Hunt, John


: Business & Finance


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: Pan Books

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Managing People At Work

Here, at last, is a lucid analysis of recent developments in sociology and psychology and their implications for managers- a fresh and practical approach to a subject that academics have often made difficult to follow.

John Hunt presents, in a readable form, relevant ideas from the major areas of organisational behaviour motivation, perception, communication, groups, roles, power, organisations, structures, managers, leaders, participation and change. His objectives is to let managers decide for themselves whether behavioural tools can be useful and valuable to them. He has distilled from a vast literature those theories and models which have endured because they have practical value.

Managers and students of management who read this book will gain a much better understanding of how people behave in organisations, why they behave the way they do and what should be done to use this knowledge to the best practical advantage. 

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