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: Fallon, Ivan


: Management


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TAKEOVERS is an investigation of the high-risk high-gain games that have rocked The City and Wall Street to their foundations.

Ivan Fallon and James Srodes go beyond the scenes to reveal the truth as never before the untold story of the colourful Harrods takeover; the struggle over Westland that split the government; the bitter recriminations of the Guinness affair.

TAKEOVERS is packed with detail and information. It explains the jargon, identifies the spear carriers-the Law firms, P.R. men and those who actually wage the takeover trench warfare, and investigates the people involved Tiny Rowland, Rupert Murdoch, Ivans and many more.

Written with specialist knowledge and with information from unique sources, TAKEOVERS is the compelling insiders book, and a timely, informative investigation of the hottest subject in business today. 

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