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: Abdullah Ahmad Badawi


: Political


: AAB00001


: 9834288476


: MPH Publishing

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: 176

Islam Hadhari

In this book, Malaysian Prime Minister Abdullah Ahmad Badawi navigates the reader along a path synonymous with his political approach. His concern for the debilitated and deplorable state of Muslims with regard to the intellectual and economic quagmire they are currently in is explicitly crystallised. Though blessed with a wealth of natural resources and a rich cultural and intellectual herritage, the Muslim world today appears more at odds with itself than ever. The weakening of the Muslim ummah is due partly to the failure of Muslims themselves and their governments to effectuate adequate policies which address the modern age within the framework of religious tenets.

Based on a selection of speeches he made after assuming the mantle of premiership in late 2003, Abdullah believes that the ignorance of Muslims with regard to their own religion and civilisation has simply intensified the persistent bias and continuing prejudice towards them. Of paramount importance is for the Muslim world to extricate itself from this vicious cycle of ignorance and extremism, one which requires not only a revival of its intellectual Muslims to reject confusing effort on the part of Muslims to reject confusing and contradictory interpretations of their faith. Only in doing so would the current negative Western stereotype of Muslims gradually fade. 

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