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: Markert, Tom


: Self Help,
Business & Finance




: 9780060776626


: Harper Collins

Total Pages

: 144

You Can't Win a Fight with Your Boss

You can't win a fight with your boss.

If you have ever thought otherwise, then you're dead wrong. And you're career is over, too.

In this lively guide to surviving the pitfalls of the modern corporate environment, Tom Markert, a senior executive at information giant ACNielsen, presents 56 practical rules that every employee, manager, and executive must follow in order to find corporate success.

With rules such as "Work hard and smart" and "Find a good boss" Markert addresses some of the most important questions facing corporate executives today. Here, in colorful and inspiring language, he offers practical advice on how to impress and make your boss look good, how to position yourself for success, and how to address work and social situations that every employee must conquer.

And, most important, Markert covers the number one question in any employee's mind: How do I work with my boss? Here, this book becomes an indispensable guide to corporate life.

Markert draws on his experience to illustrate these rules with telling, and often funny, anecdotes about people who have not followed the rules and paid the ultimate corporate price -- failure, embarrassment, and a career stopped dead in its tracks. 

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