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: Fowler, Karen Joy


: Historical


: FKJ00001


: 9780670917754


: Penguin Books

Total Pages

: 321

The Case Of The Imaginary Detective

'Everyone turns out to be a writer,' Addison said.'Why? Why must everyone write? Why can't they just read?'

When Rima Lanisell's father dies, Rima goes to stay with her godmother, Addison Early, in her California beach house. Addison is a wildly successful mystery writer, creator of the detective Maxwell Lane - who, being the star of twenty-eight novels, eight films and three TV series, is far more famous than Addison herself.

But as Rima settles into Addison's eccentric household, a real-life mystery begins to unfold. Who stole a small and highly valuable object from Addison's kitchen? Why did an obsessive fan write to Maxwell Lane from the site of an obscure cult - and why is Rema replying in Maxwell's name? What exactly was the relationship between Addison and Rima's father, and why did Addison name a murderer after him in one of her novels? Above all: when will Rima stop losing things, from keys and sunglasses to lovers and family members? 

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