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: Salonen, Debra ,
Style, Linda


: Romance


: OTHER031


: 073356335X


: Harlequin

Total Pages

: 296

His Case, Her Child & His Real Father

His case, Her Child

Sometimes a criminal gets away with it. This can't be one of those times. He's a by-the-book detective determined to find his niece's stolen child. She's a youth advocate equally determined to protect the abondoned boy in her chrage.

Together, Rico Santini and Macy Capshaw form an uneasy alliance to investigate the child's past and, in the process, unearth a black-market adoption ring at a shelter for unwed mothers. The same shelter where years earlier Macy had given birth to a stillborn son. At least, that's what she was told.

His Real Father

No one ever confused the Kelly brothers, especially Lisa Malden. Even if they hadn't been fratenal twins, there wouldn't have been a problem.

They were nothing like each other. Joe was quiet, and Patrick the life of the party. The jock and the artist. Both deserved to be loved. Each was important to Lisa. But only one was the father of her son! 

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