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: Hamlin, Sonya


: Self Help


: BCOM0002


: 9780060734077


: Collins Business

Total Pages

: 300

How to Talk So People Listen

At a time when it's harder than ever to get and keep people's attention, we could all use some help. Enter Sonya Hamlin, author of the now classic How to Talk So People Listen (1988), and one of the country's leading communication experts. In this revised and updated edition, Sonya Hamlin, arguably America's leading communication expert, shows us how to successfully capture people's attention so that they listen, understand, and are persuaded by your message –– especially in the plugged–in, fast–paced, visually–driven atmosphere that is today's workplace.

Whether making a presentation to a large audience or dealing one–on–one with a client or colleague, or communicating by E–mail, Hamlin teaches us that one of the keys to making people listen is to think about and respond to what motivates them – namely, self–interest. She then provides tools to assess others' self–interest and use it to get them to listen to your message. Hamlin also explains how to capitalize on the latest visual aids we have at our disposal today. We learn to determine what information needs or lends itself to visual presentation, and how to make visuals active, so that they serve as an extension of the speaker. In HOW TO TALK SO PEOPLE LISTEN, you'll also find practical information on how to understand your audience, how to encourage your listeners to trust you, and how to be yourself when you're on the podium.

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