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: Carnegie, Dale


: Self Help,
Business & Finance


: DAC00005


: DAC00005


: Dale Carnegie & Associates Inc

Total Pages

: 270

The Quick And Easy Way To Effective Speaking

Now, for every man, every woman, THE NEW Quick and Easy Way to Effective Speaking opens a modern speedway to skilled communication for everyday use. Here are just some of the situations where this book will be of help.

  • Winning a group of skeptics to your viewpoint
  • Teaching a method of explaining a subject
  • Offering an idea in a community meeting
  • Convincing a purchasing agent that your product is best
  • Conversing with a new acquaintance
  • “Selling” a big idea
  • Addressing a meeting important to your career
  • Persuading a group to take action
  • Accepting an award
  • Making conversation with a group of strangers

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