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: Johnson, Diane


: Chic Lit


: JOD00001


: 9780141018188


: Penguin Books

Total Pages

: 463


Young, millionairess Amy Hawkins jets into the French Alps from California and lands herself straight in the middle of une situation difficile.

Staying at an exclusive hotel noted for its skiing and cooking lessons, Amy learns quickly that Americans are most definitely not flavour of the month and then gets caught in an avalance with life-changing consequences.

In the aftermath, Amy decides to play Good Samaritan to the family of English publisher Adrian Venn, who has been in a coma since the avalanche. With Adrians children assembling around her-each arriving to protect their valuable inheritance-Amys intrusion appears increasingly unwanted, especially since its not long before family member is pittied againts family member. Add one or two small affaires and soon Amy finds herself with-as the French would say-une grand probleme. 

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