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: Villarosa, Clara ,
Villarosa, ALicia


: Business & Finance


: ENTRE007


: 9781583333549


: Avery

Total Pages

: 222

Down To Business

At age fifty-two, after years of working her way up the corporate ladder, Clara Villarosa found herself out of a job. But she didn’t let that get her down. Instead, she put her gifts to the test and started her own business, which became one of the country’s best-known independent specialty bookstores - The Hue-Man Bookstore. Now, twenty years and two successful stores later, Clara is a highly sought-after business coach and expert in the industry.

Down to Business expands on Villarosa’s proven First Ten Steps to Entrepreneurship for Women to offer women everywhere a targeted plan to help them launch the small business of their dreams. This book includes advise on:

  • How to develop realistic business ideas by researching the industry
  • Analyzing a competitor’s marketing approach and attracting your ideal customer
  • Accumulating the start-up funds you need, from recruiting investors to using loans wisely
  • Scouting the ideal location
  • Creating a sound business plan - and beyond - with a simple, step-by -step strategy.

Packed with stories of businesswomen at all stages of the game-from a beer connoisseur-turned-brewer to an avid reader-turned-literary-agent-Villarosa brings together inspiring, real-life stories with her award winning business savvy. Encouraging and empowering, Down to Business will get you motivated to dust off your dream and get your plan into action.

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