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: Maslen, Andy


: Business & Finance


: SALES002


: 1904879993


: Marshall Cavendish

Total Pages

: 184

Write To Sell

How do you persuade someone to buy something using nothing but the written word?

What does effective sales writing look like-and sound like?

Write To Sell has the answers.

Read this book and youll learn

  • The confidence and the skills to write better copy faster
  • New ways to gain readers attention, respect and trust
  • Hints and tips on turning selling skills into sales writing skills
  • Simple techniques to improve the readability of your copy
  • The impact of design and layout on sales writing
  • The meaning of good written English-the rules you must follow; the rules you can safely ignore

Write To Sell is a guide to the practice of great sales writing not just the theory. Checklists, exercises and mnemonics give you the tools to craft better copy; case notes and concrete examples show you the difference between what works and what doesn't. Clear and concise, this is the copywriters manual. Don't start writing about it.

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