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: Nobuhiro Watsuki


: Graphic Novels


: RUK00001


: RUK00001



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: 183

Rurouni Kenshin #5

Isurugi Raijuta, a truly old-school swordsman, comes to Kenshin and requests his aid in reforming th state of Swordmanship schools, or kenjutsu dojo, in Japan. Although Kenshin is intrigued by Raijuta's ideals (chiefly, that there is a need for a nation-wide, unifying school), Raijuta's plan to"weed out" the schools he deems unfit is not in accordance with Kenshin's deepest-held beliefs. Given the choice of either joining Raijuta's "Shin Koryu" movement or dying, Kenshin walks away, choosing neither. But Raijuta isn't willing to let Kenshin off the hook so easily... 

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