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: Stettner, Morey


: Management


: MAGT0046


: 9789814577991


: McGraw Hill

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: 155

Success At Work

The New Manager’s Handbook.

You’ve been promoted to manager - and that puts you in a whole different ballgame. From difficult employees to demanding bosses, you never know where your next problem is coming from. What you do know is that you’ll be expected to solve that problem-and solve it quickly and effectively.

The New Manager’s Handbook explains the rules of this new game, and gives you invaluable tips and pointers for teaming with your employees while inspiring them to breakthrough performance and results. Let the two dozen rules and guidelines in this quick-hitting manual shows you the best ways to:

  • Review performance
  • Think strategically
  • Lead great meetings
  • Give and get results-oriented feedbacks
  • Provide direction
  • Speak with power
  • Criticize with honesty and tact
  • Motivate average performers
  • Prepare for change

Getting Organized at Work

Supplies you with 24 tips, tools. ideas and strategies for becoming far more organised with your tasks and priorities, gaining efficiency in everything you do, and getting more done in less time. Designed to work with virtually any time management system, the workplace-tested guidelines in this handbook will help you to:

  • Set goals
  • Think realistically
  • Plan your work and work your plan
  • Use and manage a master list
  • Prioritize
  • Conquer and control your desk
  • Limit interruptions
  • Manage incoming e-mails and calls
  • Delegate
  • Plan, schedule, and run meetings smart.

Finance for Nonfinancial Managers.

Your success in business depends on your ability to understand and improve ‘the numbers’. Finance for Nonfinancial Managers provide you with 24 plain-English lessons covering the basics of accounting, financial statements, and budgeting. Packed with tips and insights for reading a financial statement, measuring profitability, tracking cash flow, and more, this fingertip guide to the essentials of accounting will show you how to:

  • Put numbers in context
  • Read and understand footnotes
  • Determine if inventory is too high
  • Ensure that sales are recorded properly
  • Use key ratios
  • Set realistic sale goals
  • Understand what an auditor does
  • Learn where to go for answers
  • Spot potential problem areas.

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