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: Pica, Rae


: Family,


: PIR00001


: 9781569242841


: Marlowe & Company

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: 228

A Running Start

What parent doesn’t want their child to achieve? But someehow life today, for young children has become a dress rehearsal for type - A adulthood - a great big competition to be the best. If you’ve felt pressured to enroll your kids nonstop in special lessons, extracurricular academics, and organized sports lest they risk falling behind, you need to know: there is an easier way.

In this revolutionary guide, movement specialist Rae Pica explains how the best-head start we can give our children is literally A Learning Start. New research shows it’s the free time spent interacting with the world - exploring the outdoors, playing tag at recess, and inventing games - that helps boost creativity, confidence and resourceful problem-solving skills. In fact, at young ages, highly competitive activities can actually interfere with kid’s natural development. And when it comes to academics, starting earlier is not necessarily better.

A Running Start offers techniques for raising a child with the right balance of free play and structural activity. Pica shares:

  • What’s more intellectually stimulating to a child
  • How to get your child moving - and why
  • What's more important to look for in school curriculum
  • When and how best to get your child involved in sports
  • The secrets of building character, curiosity and self-esteem

With more 50 ‘Play and Learn’ ideas to nurture your child’s unique personality, A Running Start is an essential guide for every parent who wants to help their kids succeed naturally - with less stress, more fun.

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