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: Daniken, Erich Von


: Historical


: DEV00002


: 0425056368


: Berkley

Total Pages

: 238

Pathways To The Gods

Von Daniken's Chariot's of the Gods? stunned the world with the arecheological discovery that alien beings once colonized earth. Now Von Daniken reveals the story of his travels following the trail of the ancient visitors-from the technologically sophisticated stone ruins in the Bolivian Andes to the sensational Sanskrit description of Space battles in Calcutta-new proof of Von Daniken's startling theory that man descended from the stars!


  • Primitive sculptures of figures wearing space suits!
  • A nuclear explosion four thousand years ago!
  • An ancient training manual for pilots-in Sanskrit!
  • New evidence that King Solomon had a flying machine!
  • Massive stones mysteriously transported over mountains!

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