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: Archer, Jeffrey


: Political,
Mystery, Thriller & Crime


: JEA00014


: 0061007161


: Harper

Total Pages

: 483

First Among Equals

FIRST AMONG EQUALS chronicles the lives of four extraordinary men who battle for a prize that only one of them can win-to become Prime Minister.

CHARLES SEYMORE: an accident of birth kept him from an earldom, but nothing and no one can keep him from what he believes is his destiny.

ANDREW FRASER: His father was a football hero to thousands. Andrew intends to be a political hero to millions.

SIMON KERSLAKE: Born not quite of the true upper class, Simon is determined to lift himself as high as his dreams and voters allow.

RAY GOULD: Son of a Leeds butcher, Ray realizes early on that his keen intellect and his driving ambition can raise him from the back streets to No 10 Downing Street.

Through three tumultuous decades of bitter rivalry, they fight for Britain’s most powerful office-a rivalry that sets honor against deceit, love against hate, and loyalty against betrayal.

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