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: Dixon, Franklin W.


: Young Adult,
Action & Adventure


: FWD00010


: 0448436280


: Grosset & Dunlap

Total Pages

: 180

The Best of The Hardy Boys: Classic Collecton Vol 2

The House on the Cliff: When Mr. Hardy disappears while investigating a mystery surrounding a vacant house rumored to be either haunted or a hideout for criminals, the Hardy Boys search for the truth.

The Ghost at Skeleton Rock: The Hardy Boys travel to Puerto Rico to investigate the mystery behind a secret coded letter that they received from their father. But with danger following their every move, the boys are quickly running out of time. Can they save themselves and their father before its too late?

The Sting of the Scorpion: During Mr.Hardy's investigation of a ruthless gang of terrorist, Frank and Joe witness an explosion in the sky near an airborne dirigible owned by Quinn Air Fleet. Facing danger from all sides, the boys decide to investigate the mysterious explosion. What will their journey uncover?


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