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: Norma Hashim


: Biographies


: NRM00001


: 9789834353872


: Wise Words Publishing Sdn Bhd

Total Pages

: 123

The Prisoners' Diaries

"The Prisoners' Diaries provides a deeply moving series of first-person commentaries on what Palestinian prisoners have been enduring for decades in the dark recesses of Israel's unlawful and inhumane network of prisons.

Somehow these texts make us feel and understand the reality of Palestinian suffering that is associated with living under such a long and abusive occupation in vivid ways that statistics, however necessary, can never manage.

This book combines the witnessing by prisoners with just enough information about the magnitude of the Israeli prison system to give readers a true understanding of this most agonizing dimension of the Palestinian ordeal.

Reading this book, makes us doubt whether such individuals who have resisted the occupation of their country should be treated as criminals at all rather than brave warriors in a ceaseless and legitimate war waged against great odds to recover control of their homeland." 

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