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: Loehr, Jim ,
Schwartz, Tony


: Business & Finance,
Self Help


: SCT00002


: 1865088005


: Allen & Unwin

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: 205

The Power Of Full Engagement

We live in digital time. The pace is rapid fire and relentless and many of us experience 24/7 demands on our time. Always rushing to catch up, we try to cram as much as possible into everyday. We are wired up, but we are melting down.

It is our ability to manage energy, not time, that determines our effectiveness at work and our health and happiness in our personal lives. Recognizing this will revolutionise our understanding of how best to manage our daily routine.

Improve your performance at work, eliminate burnout and restore balance to your life.

The Power of Full Engagement is a groundbreaking, scientifically based training program developed by best selling authors Jim Loehr and Tony Schwartz that is guaranteed to fuel high energy and top performance in today’s high-stress, high-speed world. At the heart of this program is The Corporate Athlete training system, developed over a period of 25 years to help some of the world’s greatest athletes perform at their best under comparative pressure-now adapted with great success to work and home life alike.

The result is the life changing power to be fully engaged, which means you are physically energised, emotionally connected, mentally focused and spiritually aligned.

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