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: Segal, Marilyn ,
Bardige, Betty


: Family,


: YCAP0005


: 1557044015


: Newmarket Press

Total Pages

: 228

Your Child At Play: Five to Eight Years

Packed with learning activities, games. poems, and recipes, as well as anecdotes and advice, the eight sections focus on:  

  • Individual differences and common threats (distinguishing between real and pretend, concern with
  • The questions children ask (the physical world; the natural world; the social world)
  • Friends (best friends, controversies and conflicts, sibling play)
  • Active play (contact and cuddling; physical feats; sports) *Creative play (music, arts, crafts, storytelling and jokes)
  • Pretend play (actor play and dressing up; imaginary play-mates; reemergence of pretending)
  • School play (reading; writing; arithmetic; collecting facts; science)
  • Family (attachment and separation; family continuity; traditions)

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Author : Segal, Marilyn

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