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: Feiler, Bruce


: Family


: FEB00001


: 9780062295989


: Harper

Total Pages

: 261

The Secrets Of Happy Families

Tell your family history, even the bad parts.

Don’t worry about family dinner.

Let your kids pick their punishments.

Create a family mission statement.

These are just a few of the surprising innovations in this bold first-of-its-kind playbook for today’s families. Bestselling author and New York Times family columnist Bruce Feiler found himself squeezed between caring for aging parents and raising his children. So he set out on a three-year jurney to find the slightest solutions and the most cutting edge research about families. Instead of the usual family ‘experts’. he sought out the most creative minds - from Silicon Valley to elite negotiators to Warren Buffett’s bankers and asked them what teambuilding exercises and problem-solving techniques they use with their families. Feiler them tested these ideas with his wife and kids. The result is a fun, original look at how families can draw closer together.

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