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: Segal, Marilyn


: Health,


: YCAP0004


: 1557043337


: Newmarket Press

Total Pages

: 283

Your Child At Play: Three to Five Years

Here is a wonderful, easy-to-read introduction to the world of the preschooler, illustrated with more than 110 candid photos of real children at play. Children of this age wants to discover how things work, and this book gives you all sorts of wonderful ways to show them. You’ll learn how to teach the concepts of time and distance through play, how to use play-acting, storytelling, drawing and building to clarify the world and its contents; and even how to conduct some exciting scientific experiments. Here are hundreds of play activities that will help your preschooler experiment with language and ideas through questions, explore the properties of living and non-living things; develop counting and letter writing skills; and initiate friendships outside the family.

Hands-on play activities and topics include:

  • discovering how things work
  • learning about times and distance
  • play-acting, storytelling, drawing, and building
  • athletic feats and scientific experiments
  • playing with friends
  • reading and writing.

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