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: Hartman, Patricia


: Computer & Technology


: PAH00001


: 0782128920


: Sybex

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: 267

Flash 5: Visual JumpStart

The Quickest Way to Get a Jump on Flash 5.
Deciphering the basics of Flash 5 has never been easier thanks to the Sybex Visual JumpStart™ method of teaching. Now you can use this proven learning method to master the essentials of Macromedia's Flash 5, the best-selling web site development product on the market. Using easy-to-read screens and illustrations and to-the-point explanations, this book describes the Flash 5 user interface, its key features and tools, and gives you the fundamentals you need to create the most innovative and exciting sites on the Web. A 16-page color insert shows you examples of what Flash can do.
Learn by Seeing Easy-to-follow examples and illustrations show you, screen by screen, the essential tasks and features of Flash 5. The full-color insert shows you how the final examples will look.
Learn by Doing Hands-on lessons guide you step by step through fundamental Flash 5 tasks.
Learn the Skills You Need Flash 5 Visual JumpStart covers the programs most essential and commonly used elements. This book will teach you how to

  • Master menus and settings
  • Create and use symbols, text and layers
  • Work with imported graphics
  • Add animation and sound
  • Export and publish movies

. . . and much more

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