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: Forsyth, Frederick


: Romance,
Mystery, Thriller & Crime,
Action & Adventure


: FRF00001


: 0312975856


: St. Martin's

Total Pages

: 263

The Phantom of Manhattan

More than two decades have passed since Antoinette Giry, the mistress of the corps de ballet at the Paris Opera, rescued a hideously disfigured boy named Erik from a carnival and brought him to live in the labyrinthine cellars of the opera house. Soon thereafter, his intense, unrequited love for a beautiful chorus girl set in motion a tragic string of events, forcing him to flee Paris forever. Now, as she lies dying in a convent, Madame Giry tells the untold story of the Phantom and his clandestine journey to New York City to start anew, where he would become a wealthy entrepreneur and build the glorious Manhattan Opera House...all so he could see his beloved, now a famous diva, once again. But the outcome of her visit would prove even more devastating than before-and yet, would allow the Phantom to know, for the first time in his brutal life, the true meaning of love...  

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