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: Pascal, Francine


: Children


: UNI00011


: 0553483560


: Bantam Books

Total Pages

: 135

Angels Keep Out (The Unicorn Club #11)

Playing dirty....

Guess what the Angels have done now! The Unicorns are throwing the hottest boy-girl party of the year, and the Angels have gone and planned one for the same night! And on top of that, they're trying to steal our guests and our cool ideas, (Don't listen to them when they say the same thing about us. They're lying)

I didn't want to play dirty, but the Angels aren't giving us any choice. Whatever it takes, we're going to make sure that the Unicorn party is the only party that anyone who's anyone goes to-anyone but the Angels, that is. Maybe the Angels will finally learn their lesson: Don't try competing with a Unicorn.

The Unicorn are back and better than ever! 

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