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: Baughan, Racheal


: Health,


: BAU00001


: 9781844545483


: John Blake

Total Pages

: 270

The Butterfly Girl

For six months I shut myself away in the dark, sitting for hours on the floor, holding my knees and rocking backwards and forwards, repeating over and over again, ‘Bring Fay back and take me instead.'

As I sat looking in the mirror, a deep sense of disappointment began to creep over me when I realized that the freak was still showing through my disguise. ‘Why isnt't it working?’ I screamed at my reflection, grabbing a pair of scissors and digging them into my arm.

As my name was announced, I heard cheers from the crowd and caught a glimpse of my family through the blinding glare of the lights on the catwalk. For them, and for me this day marked the end of a nightmare. 

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