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: Blanchard, Ken ,
Cathy, S. Truett


: Management


: LEAD0019


: 1876825154


: Strand

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: 114

The Generosity Factor

There is a route to genuine and enduring satisfaction, but it flies in the face of our greedy, self-obsessed culture. It's called generosity, and it involves freely giving our four most valuable resources - our time, talents, treasure, and touch - and receiving unimaginable riches in return.

The Generosity Factor is a powerful and visionary parable for every man or woman who senses that there's more to life than getting more. You can read this book in a few hours, but the wisdom you'll obtain will last - and shape you - for a lifetime.

Ken Blanchard and S. Truett Cathy tells the story of two similar yet very different people: the self-made young Broker who knows all about acquiring wealth, and the wise Executive who has discovered the reason for doing so. Their brief but profound encounter reveals five key principles that will have a lasting effect on the Broker's life - and on yours. For they comprise the vital heart of the Generosity Factor, and their impact extends far beyond anything you can imagine.

Don't just curse the darkness - strike a match. Factor the Generosity Factor into your life, line up your actions with the lavish heart of God, and discover a wealth that continues to flourish the more you give to others. 

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