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: Pascal, Francine


: Children


: UNI00016


: 0553484443


: Bantam Books

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: 139

Bon Voyage, Unicorns! (The Unicorn Club #16)

Making Waves...

The Unicorns are going on a Caribbean cruise! A week of sun, fun and parties... what could be more perfect? Well, I'll tell you what : a boyfriend. I'm the only Unicorn who doesn't have one.

But i'm lucky for two reasons. One, Curtis Bowman-the cutest guy ever-happens to be on board. And two, the Unicorns are giving me the makeover of my life to help me snag him!

Excuse me, but one, Ellen's Mr Right is Jared Matthews, nor Curtis Bowman, and two, she's lucky she has a friend like me, who'll steer her in the right direction - Lila Fowler.

Excuse me, but one, Ellen belongs with Sam Sloane, and two, she'll be thanking me when Sam falls overboard for her - Jessica Wakefield. Did i just say I was lucky? 

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